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Bloodbath Barbeque
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Bloodbath Barbeque

An insane Australian-themed adventure deck for Slaughter, the horror movie storytelling game

About this Game Deck

"Let's get the Gaming Gang back together again"

The gang is all set to celebrate 'Straya Day with an epic bush barbie and trip to the iconic Australian gaming convention, CanCon.

Matt, Jill, and the gaming gang have not seen each other since they left Uni, due to very busy work schedules. So they are all dead set on making it to CanCon 2017, Australia’s Biggest Gaming Convention! 

On the way, the gang stops the minibus for a barbeque in a beautiful Aussie bushland reserve... 

... but when a military aircraft crashes nearby, they investigate.

"Wolf Creek meets Spliced"

Bloodbath Barbeque keeps the tradition of independent Australian horror films alive and kicking! 

Isolated and the bush, surrounded by murderous wildlife, an unspeakable evil lurks. 

One by one, the friends are picked off.  

Who will survive to confront the ultimate Australian evil? 

This Slaughter Script is exclusive to early Kickstarter backers and play-testers. In classic slasher fashion, the players will pit their wits against a monstrous killer.  

Add a healthy dose of sci-fi and the world-renowned deadliness of Australia's fauna, and you've got the perfect set up for a night of madness from down under.

What's included?

  • 12 Character Tiles PDFs  - a cast of sexy, cool gaming geeks and hangers on... 
  • 14 Unique Talent Cards - mix and match to give your characters a fighting chance.
  • 14 Unique Flaw Cards - because Aussie's have their failings too.
  • 14 Hook Cards - with twists and surprises that will make your storygame kick serious ass!
  • 12 Scene Setting Cards - to super-charge storygame into scary, original territory.
  • Directors Direction - so you know when to cut... and whom to cut.

Get the core rules FREE!

Signup for access to the core rules for Slaughter. You'll get a link to the live electronic document. Play a few games right out of the book. Share your ideas and stories with fellow Slaughter Directors and Players.  

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