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Death Stalks
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Death Stalks

The A to Z of Death for Slaughter, the card-based storytelling game

About this Game Deck

"You will all die... one by one... bwhahahaaa!"

A crazed killer is on the loose! An ancient evil best left undisturbed is awakened. A monster from another world is hunting.  No one is safe.

One adventure deck - ten thousand grim stories of horror and bloodshed!

This essential Slaughter adventure deck gives you unlimited options to weave stories where a hidden and seemingly unstoppable killer picks off victims, one by one.    

In classic “slasher” movie style, the Death Stalks adventure deck starts with our hapless cast in peaceful and relatively familiar, though isolated, environment. 

While the cast knows and (supposedly) cares for each other, dark secrets lurk. As the story unfolds the superficial pleasantries and friendly smiles give way to base human flaws and vices. 

Beneath everything good, lurks death and pain.

"Stick together or split up?"

Death Stalks keeps the tradition of stalker/slasher films alive and kicking! 

Everyone is a suspect. Trust no one.

Will you make it through the night? 

What's included?

  • 12 Character Tiles PDFs  - a varied cast of interesting and endearing characters to customise for YOUR own settings.
  • 12 Unique Talent Cards - mix and match to give your characters a fighting chance.
  • 12 Unique Flaw Cards -that add twists and turns to your stories!
  • 29 Hook Cards - full of surprises that will keep all your players guessing!
  • 12 Scene Setting Cards - that give you scope to create ANY slasher movie you can imagine.
  • 10 Special Effects Cards - to create even more devious and imaginative killers.
  • 12 Madness Cards - because this adventure will drive your heroes crazy
  • Directors Direction - that gives you all the seeds and ideas needed to run.

Get the core rules FREE!

Signup for access to the core rules for Slaughter. You'll get a link to the live electronic document. Play a few games right out of the book. Share your ideas and stories with fellow Slaughter Directors and Players.  

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