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Surviving the Horde
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Surviving the Horde

What would YOU do to survive? An apocalyptic adventure deck for Slaughter, the horror movie storytelling game.

About this Game Deck

"What would you do to survive?"

Alien swarms! Zombies! And everything in between. 
This essential Slaughter adventure deck gives you everything you need to create gripped survival horror movies.  

Take a small group of strangers. Force them into a claustrophobic location. Surround them by vast numbers of deadly, potentially infectious, creatures hell-bent on killing them. The horde. 

But it is not just the monsters that offer horror. It's how our differences and infighting overcome us... and ruin our chances of survival.  Will characters sacrifice each other in a misguided effort to survive themselves?  

Good people do terrible things for survival  - and we are all very quick to give up our humanity.

"The secret to survival? Cardio."

Surviving the Horde keeps the tradition of apocalyptic horror films alive and kicking! 

This is a game of survival of the fittest

Are you built to last?

What's included?

  • 13 Character Tiles PDFs  - a cast of cool and endearing characters
  • 13 Unique Talent Cards - mix and match to give your characters a fighting chance.
  • 13 Unique Flaw Cards - because nobody's perfect
  • 16 Hook Cards - with twists and surprises that will make your games kick serious zombie butt!
  • 12 Scene Setting Cards - to super-charge your storytelling into scary, original territory.
  • 12 Special Effects Cards - to create even more devious and imaginative killers.
  • 12 Madness Cards - who wouldn't lose their mind in this situation?
  • Directors Direction - packed with twists and turns.

Get the core rules FREE!

Signup for access to the core rules for Slaughter. You'll get a link to the live electronic document. Play a few games right out of the book. Share your ideas and stories with fellow Slaughter Directors and Players.  

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