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The Haunting
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The Haunting

Trapped... where the very world around you wants you dead. An essential adventure deck for Slaughter , the movie-making storytelling game

About this Game Deck

"Something bad happened here..."

The old house where all those kids were murdered. 

The abandoned space station that smells of death. 

The long forgotten underground Nazi bunker. 

One thing you know for sure... you are in a bad place. The Haunting is an essential adventure deck for Slaughter. It allows you to create original movies where the very world around them is out to kill them... or drive them mad!

With this deck, your heroes will be trapped within a mysterious location, filled with unsettling energies brought about by terrifying entities. Plagued by echoes of traumatic histories, and wracked by disturbing occurrences, your cast will need wits to uncover the truth... and courage to put an end to the evil that lurks within.

"Don't go in there!"

The Haunting adventure deck gives you everything you need to create your very own haunted horror movies. 

It's not your imagination... the house is really out to kill you!

Get out while you still can.

What's included?

  • 8 Character Tiles PDFs  - a cast of cool and endearing characters.
  • 8 Unique Talent Cards - mix and match to give your characters a fighting chance.
  • 8 Unique Flaw Cards - because nobody's perfect.
  • 9 Hook Cards - with twists and surprises that will make your storygame kick serious ass!
  • 12 Scene Setting Cards - to super-charge storygame into scary, original territory.

Get the core rules FREE!

Signup for access to the core rules for Slaughter. You'll get a link to the live electronic document. Play a few games right out of the book. Share your ideas and stories with fellow Slaughter Directors and Players.


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