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Things Man was not Meant to Know
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Things Man was not Meant to Know

From dark gods to secret cabals, keep your players guessing... until the very end. An adventure deck for Slaughter, the horror moving making storytelling game

About this Game Deck

"What you don't know WILL hurt you"

There are secret powers beyond imagining. Dark gods demand sacrifice. Other worlds intersect humanity's minuscule understanding of existence. The end of days is nigh. 

The Things Man was not Meant to Know adventure deck lets you weave dark, intelligent detective stories where supernatural forces lead to damnation. With this deck, you will create stories full of sinister characters, cabals with terrible agendas, betrayal and a growing sense of doom.  Build tension with sudden and unexpected plot twists, hidden allegiances and increasingly bizarre events...  culminating in a terrifying revelation. As your heroes slowly uncover the plots, they begin to realise that some things that stand outside of reality. There are things that can drive one insane… and kill.

"Ignorance is bliss"

Things Man was not Meant to Know thrusts your heroes into a world of terrible secrets... 

Are you ready for the truth?

You can't handle the truth!

What's included?

  • 8 Character Tiles PDFs  - a cast of cool and endearing characters.
  • 8 Unique Talent Cards - mix and match to give your characters a fighting chance.
  • 8 Unique Flaw Cards - to give your cast real character
  • 14 Hook Cards - with enough dark secrets ensure you can trust no one!
  • 16 Scene Setting Cards - to keep your players guessing.
  • Directors Direction - to point you in the direction of chaos and madness.

Get the core rules FREE!

Signup for access to the core rules for Slaughter. You'll get a link to the live electronic document. Play a few games right out of the book. Share your ideas and stories with fellow Slaughter Directors and Players. 

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