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High-Space Uplifted Arrives - And it's a galaxy-spanning, brain-warping epic!

Wildcards Protecting the Future: Secret missions and black ops in the ultra-tech future.

Grandmaster 0 188 Article rating: 5.0

High-Space delivers the most extensive Savage Worlds sci-fi setting ever. An ultra high-tech civilization...a utopia of boundless harmony, abundance, encompassing hundreds of species and worlds. But all is not as it seems. Strange forces are assailing the galaxy-spanning PanDominion from all sides! Take on the role of Wildcards - genetic throw-backs and outcasts that crave adventure and violence. And it’s up you - and the secretive agencies and Minds that operate outside of the law - to do whatever it takes to keep the PanDominion safe.

Slaughter: Horror Movie Making Card Game - Early Access Last Two Weeks!

Schlock horror movie storytelling madness - because you can't have Slaughter without Laughter!

Grandmaster 0 34 Article rating: No rating

Do you love... Schlock horror movies - with plenty of twists? Role-playing games - that are fast & fun? Creating stories - that surprise at every turn? Then you'll love Slaughter, the horror moving making storytelling game. 

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