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Slaughter: Horror Movie Making Card Game - Early Access Last Two Weeks!
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Slaughter: Horror Movie Making Card Game - Early Access Last Two Weeks!

Schlock horror movie storytelling madness - because you can't have Slaughter without Laughter!

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Slaughter is a card-based storytelling game. It’s half tabletop game, half role-playing game… all fun!

In Slaughter, you and your friends get together and “jam” a horror movie script. 

During the game, you’ll use cards to quickly build the cast, and then kill them off in deliciously horrible ways. 

Everyone gets involved in the creation of the movie’s storyline, using the cards to prompt the twists and turns and scares.

Slaughter is incredibly fast to set up and play. You can get stuck into a game in less than five minutes!

Since the rules are so easy (everything is on the cards), and the game is such sinful fun, it’s a great way to introduce new friends into tabletop and role-playing gaming.

Slaughter comes with five standard decks of cards. Each deck provides all of the elements of a specific genre of horror movie: zombie movies, alien invasions, slasher flicks, haunted houses, and more. If you’ve seen a horror movie, chances are you’ll be able to recreate it In Slaughter! 
Also, you can purchase additional card decks, each which provides a unique “script” for a movie.

Best of all, you can mix and match cards from different decks and create truly horror original events!

Get Your Creative Juices (and Blood) Flowing

Why does Slaughter Work So Well?

Slaughter is the result of four years of careful analysis of horror movie scripts. We deconstructed many movies to identify the traits and tropes that make the best horror movies. This led to the creation of the “Story Framework.” 

The various cards in Slaughter reflect the story framework across the five major genres of horror movies. 

However, the cards are open to interpretation by players. 

Thus, the cards are both a framework that gives stories structure and prompts for creativity. It’s a perfect blend!

There is no need for prepping a game, no need for complex calculations or character sheets. Just jump right in and the game keeps everyone on track, while creating plenty of twists and turns!

DON'T MISS OUT!  Early Access Spaces strictly are Limited!

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