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Storyweaver: It's time to break the rules!

You've Landed in the Right Place!

Love role-playing games, but looking for something… different?

So do we!  StoryWeaver Games is a collective of like-minded, quirky game designers who love weaving stories as much as you!

Every one of our games is aimed at making your gaming table a little stranger, a little more dangerous, a lttle more fun, a little more… well… MORE.

Like Horror?  Then check out Rapture for smart, dark sci-fi terror.

How about a little British satire with spies? Give the hilarious and often poignant Deniable a go.

Looking for fantasy with a twist?  Then you just have check out Hael, a fantasy world that turns all the tropes on their head!

Want some epic sci-fi?  The have a look at the hugely popular High-Space setting, where you play genetic wildcards, operating outside of the law to protect a far future, super-tech utopia.

From Savage Worlds bestsellers to indie narrative-focused storytelling games... whatever sort of gaming you want for your next fun night at the table (or on virtual tabletop), we’ve got you covered!

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